Duck with Vegetables at Dragonwell Bistro

I’m always taking on more than I can handle. It’s the dreamer in me, or the ambition in me, or most likely the unrealistic side of me. When I started this blog, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I wanted it to have its own life as a place where I could post pictures of food I love in Portland. I still have Red Kitchen Recipes, but that was always intended for a place to keep recipes. I no longer live in that house with the red kitchen back in Arkansas, but my dreams and ambitions now include the desire for a new red kitchen in Oregon.

It’s been a few months since I’ve last posted. I have in this past month started a new job, changed over to two new phones, and I’ve had these two blogs in the back of my mind that I’ve needed to get caught up on. The challenge of toggling between Blogger and WordPress is just about the same as learning two new phones in the same week. You know we all live on our phones! I carry them both everywhere. I use them to take all of my food pictures, either on my personal Samsung Galaxy S5 or my work phone, the iPhone 5S.  A lot of new things to learn in the past month, but finally, I think I’m ready to use all my tools.

I love my new job and where it’s located in downtown Portland! My office is surrounded by some fantastic eateries. I discovered Dragonwell Bistro when I did a search on my computer for places that serve soup dumplings. I found out that those are only served at dinner, but I had a great lunch anyway. The duck and vegetables were very flavorful and the duck really tender.

20150122_123507I also really enjoyed the hot and sour soup! It’s a great place for a quick lunch, the portions are great, they’re very affordable, and there’s a parking deck next door! You’ll find me mentioning parking pretty often with these posts……

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