Portland’s Vietnamese Eats

Pho An

It’s a little out of my way, but the hu tieu at Pho An on Sandy has been a favorite of mine ever since I tried it. I love strong flavors, tons of herbs, and clear, chewy noodles. The broth was delicious, and the service was attentive as well.

Hu Tieu Pho Hung

I liked the hu tieu at Pho Hung also, and this restaurant is considered one of the best as far as pho goes, according to Willamette Week. They have a “Best Of” ballot going on currently, and Pho Hung is on there for one of their choices for best pho. I was pretty happy with this dish. Of all the available restaurants in Portland serving pho, I’d heard from several other Vietnamese people in the area that this was their favorite.

Pho Hung Scene

I found the atmosphere of Pho Hung to be perfectly laid back and comfortable. This is the place I would take my mother if she came to visit. The food would satisfy her, and the people are quite accommodating.

Jade Tea House

Jade in Sellwood is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant with a great variety on their menu. The udon soup with house made noodles amazed me with the crab and pork option. My first two visits, I ordered this because it is just too good to pass up.

Pho Van bun rhieu

Pho Van was another widely recommended Vietnamese restaurant from other Vietnamese people that I spoke to in the Portland community.

Pho Van

The cha gio (crispy rolls) were legit, served with good nuoc mam. I also enjoyed the bun rieu, shown above, but I could have used more of the crab and pork dumplings. They were super busy when I visited, so service wasn’t exactly optimal. But that’s okay. I’d still go back!


Bambuza is another fun place for pho, and it’s in the beautiful waterfront area of downtown, one of my favorite areas to hang out. The location was very convenient to my former office, so I enjoyed the salad rolls there a few times. Also I loved the Saigon Combination, a noodle bowl of grilled chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp.

Pho Oregon

Pho Oregon is also pretty popular. My first visit there, they were super busy. Two of my favorite Instagram foodies that I follow have said that it’s their favorite place, so I had to get back in again. They were extremely accommodating to me and my husband, letting him have Bun Bo Hue with just rare round beef. They also let me have my pho beef served on the side rare so that I could add it to the hot broth myself to let it cook.

Fish Sauce bowl

Speaking of sauce, Fish Sauce in Northwest Portland – near the Pearl, or in the Pearl district (?) – has great food, perfect service, and a wonderful atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with the vermicelli noodle bowl, or the luc lac (shaking beef) dish!

Fish sauce luc lac

Luc Lac

And speaking of……my favorite dish of the moment is the Bo Tai Chanh at Luc Lac. I wish I could get there more often. Their crispy rolls, noodle bowls, and pho are my favorite in Portland. Considering some of the sketchy service you sometimes receive around town, it’s nice to be able to just order at the counter, get a good drink, and have your food delivered in a timely manner.

And as far as a tasty drink goes, I highly suggest the Hello & Goodbye that I love….

The restaurants I’ve visited in this section all have their strengths and some have weaknesses, but overall it’s great to have so many delicious Vietnamese dishes to choose from in Portland.

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