Food Carts of Portland


Wow! I’ve lived in Portland for a year now?! I started looking back at some of the best food that I’ve loved in 2015. Many came from food cart pods all over PDX. The first food cart pod that I ever found was at Cartlandia. I was having a bad day because I had tire troubles, which meant an unhappy husband and a trip to Les Schwab, but….. I was delighted to have the opportunity to explore SE 82nd for the first time. Finding Maine Street Lobster Company turned the entire day around! Above, you’ll see the lobster slider for $5. You have a choice of hot or cold. I chose hot. DELICIOUS!!


Also at Cartlandia, you can enjoy the maple bacon Voodoo Doughnut.


Want a good, filling, inexpensive, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) for $3.50? You can have it at In and Out Kitchen. I highly recommend it!

Steak 2

But one of my MOST favorite sandwiches comes from Neue Southern PDX! Look at that big pile of happy! That steak sandwich has been one of the most unbelievable meals that I’ve had! Their food cart can be found at The Gantry Food Pod at Zidell Yards. My father in law found this place. I love the Rasico taste more and more everyday.



Neue Southern also makes some amazing pork belly steamed buns! They are melt in your mouth tasty!!


Right next to them, you can get some of the best ramen (in my opinion) in Portland! I’m becoming a regular at Hapa PDX too!

503 Burger

At Mississippi Market Place, another food card pot in Portland, Oregon, you can have a nice burger at 503 Burger Co. (503 is the area code of Portland yall.)


The loaded tots from 503 Burger Co. are pretty damn delicious.


If you want my husband to eat at your food cart, there better be a bar close by. He works really hard 7 days a week 12 hours a day, so when he’s home, he deserves to have a good beer with his meal. Needless to say, he loves Prost! at Mississippi Market Place.

Speaking of area codes, 808 is the area code of Hawaii.


You can enjoy this generous meaty pile of food at 808 Grinds at SW Washington and SW 9th!

I love these food carts of Portland, and hope you will too! Check them out!!

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