Favorite Family Restaurant 2015

Fogo de Chao December

The one unanimous restaurant that my husband, myself, and 2 daughters can all agree on is currently Fogo de Chao.  We each have other personal favorites, but this is the one place we can never object to going.


The Market Bar has so much to offer, such as smoked salmon, capers, prosciutto, a big wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, plenty of vegetables…

Our picky daughter loves the bacon wrapped chicken offering, while our more adventurous older daughter likes everything I like, pretty much. In October, on my birthday, my husband told me to go treat myself to a nice meal. (He was working in Alaska) So I chose Fogo de Chao, after I browsed The Eat Guide.

After I shot him a few photos of our meal, he decided he had to eat there himself! So in 2 months, we’ve eaten there 4 times!! We all love it! It’s such an optimal meal, though. There’s no waiting. You walk in, get your table, go to the market table to get your “befores,” then when you’re ready, green chip up means you are ready. You will have a parade of meat brought to your table, including filet, flank, sirloin, chicken, and sausage. Plus the best cheese bread ever!!

The valet parking is also a big plus that we love. Eating in Portland is just so good!

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