Blog Connect: Up Close With Madi


The Portland food and blogging community has been so welcoming! I say this constantly about my move from Arkansas. People ask constantly about how I like it. My answer is always that I wish I’d moved up ten years earlier! This place was practically made for me.

One of my few worries about leaving Little Rock was that I had been with the same hair stylist for about 20 years. Michael was my friend first, and we got to know each other at our friend Norman’s place. I tried others here and there, but Michael knew just what my hair needed. Always. How would I find a replacement?

Through Instagram, I did. I’m not sure how we found each other, but I connected with Madeline of Up Close With Madi, and I’m so glad I did! I love the atmosphere at Empiric Salon just off of Hawthorne in Portland. After a cut and color, I know that this is my salon.  Check them out, and ask for Madi!

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