How Ramen Reigns in Portland


Noraneko is an outstanding choice for ramen in the city of Portland, Oregon. I love that it’s under the Hawthorne Bridge. I’m constantly singing the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge Downtown” as I think of it. The broth and noodles are delicious, and you get to choose from several add ons. The service was impeccable, even though we ordered at the counter.


I’m most personally swayed by the shio ramen from Hapa at The Gantry. I had the chance to chat with one of the owners on my first visit. This is so easy to do at food carts and trucks. Brick and mortars so rarely have owners and chefs present to do table greets. But when they do, it’s a treat! In the Hapa window, I loved hearing about the process of how the dashi is made, the noodles they use, and the training they received to make the best! Their noodles are my favorite, and I crave them all the time! They’re perfectly al dente and a bit curly.


The ramen shop that has received the most hype lately has been Marukin Ramen. Many of the foodies that I follow on Instagram have posted several pics of their bowls, so I had to try one for myself. Very delicious!

Portland Monthly says this place is unbeatable.


I like that you can have a seafood broth version of ramen with shrimp at Boke Bowl. They also have fantastic steamed buns.


Those noodles are the star, the shio broth is the moon, and everything else you see in the bowl make a perfectly aligned universe. I recently found Mizu Ramen at Cartlandia, which is near my home. I will probably be a regular there. I really like the bowl and spoon that you get for your ramen at this place too.

All of the places I’ve tried are delicious. I’m partial to noodles and proximity, but my new job will have me closer to the downtown area more often. So I feel lucky to have so many great ramen options in Portland!

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