Pre – Cascadia Musts

Before the Cascadia Subduction Zone wreaks havoc on the Oregon coast and the city of Portland with all of its vulnerable bridges and potential ground deformations, I want to post 5 places that I want to visit before I let fear seep in so badly that I never Happy Hour anywhere but East of the Willamette River.

When I started college, I was 17 years old. My ACT score gave me permission to skip Freshman English, with the option of taking Honors English just for the hell of it. I loved English classes, so I took the Honors option. My professor required us to read The New Yorker on a regular basis. After decades of following The New Yorker, I have to say that this article has made the biggest impact on my life and well being.  Also, this article won a Pulitzer prize. It’s about what could happen when The Big One hits Oregon. I love you so much Portland, please prevail. These are the places I’ll visit in the very near future.

Ataula – if you click on the link, you’ll see their Instagram photo of Jamon Iberico de bellota. That is the kind of luxury on your tastebuds that pull at my heartstrings. I’ve had enough tastings to know that I want that as often as possible. Besides that, the menu really appeals to me. And I like their social media presence. They post enough, meaningfully, that I don’t forget them. I also like that they open at 4:30. I’m a 4 – 4:30 Happy Hour kinda gal.

Chesa – they’re owned by the same people as above, so of course! Check out their Instagram too.

Produce Row Cafe – Because frozé… ( frozen rose) sounds so good!!

Chicken and Guns – because I love Chris Tucker and The Fifth Element. Also, their food pics look awesome!!

La Moule – just look at the picture. That’s the kind of thing that makes my mouth water. I’m also a big fan of their other restaurant, St. Jack.

Now follow along on my Instagram to keep up with my progress!

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