My First Feast

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning to make my husband a turkey sandwich for his lunch, so this post may either be a bit tired, or it may gain momentum based on all the thoughts I’ve had all day long coming together. I read a lot of William Faulkner growing up, and Stream of Consciousness really became my favorite style.

Why are kids these days not reading American classic literature by the way?


FEAST Portland is HUGE. It’s my second year in town, so I’m new to the party. I’m friends with many foodies in town, and I noticed they were all attending. I missed out on the blogger pass application, so I bought a ticket to one of the last open events. I rarely can buy tickets in advance for events because I don’t know if my husband will be in town or in the country, so I miss out often.

I decided to just go alone if needed. When he surprised me and came home early (abruptly) from his last work project, I tried to buy him a ticket. They were sold out.


But I did get to take him to lunch at Hat Yai, which he and my friend Jenna absolutely loved. They both profusely thanked me for the great recommendation. Who do I look like, an amateur eater? Later on, scrolling through Instagram, under #feastpdx, I saw that Adam Rapoport, the editor of Bon Appétit, had been there the same time that we were. Because in this picture, that’s my friend Jenna on the right. My husband’s hat is showing a bit, and I’m in the middle.


Back to Feast now. The event was chef spotting galore. Ugh, I swear I tried to fix my hair that day. But anyway…here’s my selfie with Chris Cosentino. He was super nice. I was standing there wondering how to eat Gregory Gourdet’s wonderful serving on a micro serving dish on my right hand with a wine glass on my left hand. Then I looked over, and I had to ask, “Are you Chris Cosentino?” Yes, he said. I told him I was a big fan. (I loved him and Aarón Sanchéz in that show where they had to eat a do a bunch of challenges, then race to the finish line.)

I’m also excited that he will be opening a restaurant in Portland!

Earlier, I had been standing in line for some fried chicken. It was pretty lengthy, so I made small talk with the girl in front of me. She had a blogger pass hanging from her neck, so I asked her about her blog. We chatted for a bit then, I turned to see who was behind me.

“Oh I love Whole Foods.” Wait, everyone has Whole Foods on their lanyards, I realized quickly, but with different colored passes. I looked closer.

“Oh, you’re with Travel Portland.”

“And you?” he asked.

Either I needed to slow down on the wine, or I’m not certain these days. “Oh, I’m just here to eat….I mean, I have a blog. I have two. I didn’t get a blogger pass here. But I’m Portland Love Story on Instagram. I think I’m connected to Travel Portland on Instagram and Twitter. I mean, I don’t know who handles your social media.”

It always varies. Some people handle their own social media, and some pay other specialists do it for them. My friend Justin of The Southern Gourmasian once told me that he had been approached by someone with an offer of posting four times a week for him. He was like, “Who is not able to post 4 times a week on their own?” (And pay for it to be done.)

“I’ve seen Portland Love Story,” the Travel Portland guy said. Oh, cool, I told him. I was kind of excited to hear that! Then we got our fried chicken, and we moved along.

When I was in Little Rock, I worked in the media and I had many friends in the media. I was totally comfortable chatting with the best chefs and media people at any event. But in Portland, I’m still new.

I’ve considered redesigning Red Kitchen Recipes because when I started it, I wasn’t trying to make money from it or become a brand ambassador for products. I was just interested in showing my love of preparing food, and sharing with other food lovers how I cooked stuff.

Then, I ran into Erin of Platings and Pairings. She and I met in August of 2015 when Food Should Taste Good organized an event at Eastburn for a bunch of Portland bloggers. I had been in town less than a year at that point, so I was super excited to be included! Once I started following Erin and reading her income reports, I wondered if I should make my blog more like everyone else’s. I was kicking myself for choosing Blogger over WordPress way back when.

I was standing there, rambling to Erin about how I wished I had applied for the blogger pass, and saying I should put more effort into my blogs, and saying how awesome she is for staying on track and posting amazing content. And she was very encouraging, said some nice things, and later on added me to a blogger group that she belongs to on Facebook.

And now I’m feeling more involved in the Portland food community. I’m really looking forward to having the same kind of connections that I had back home in Little Rock. Or something close anyway. Okay I just hope to get a blogger pass to Feast next year!

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