Thelonious Wines

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Lisa from This Beautiful Day invited our Portland blogger group on Facebook to attend a potluck at this fairly new boutique wine shop in the Pearl District, an area flocked by Portland’s finest.


While the event is further away this month, I found myself curious about Thelonious Wines. They have some very creative videos on their Instagram, and one of them in particular made me decide that Kelsey sounded like one hell of a sommelier.

Then I came across an article from Eater that said she had been named one of Zagat’s 30 Under 30 U.S. sommeliers. I was instantly intrigued. I thought to myself, “I deserve something new today.”

So I drove on over to the Pearl District, stopped by Whole Foods, then made my way to the cute wine shop nearby. Thea, the cat warmed up to me instantly, and I was worried I would have an allergic reaction. But she is hypoallergenic!

I had only planned to stay for one tasting, and one purchase. But soon I was laughing about Chris Hemsworth and his cat in Ghostbusters as well as The Californians and Suicide Squad. Kelsey was like a therapist asking me questions about myself and my blogs, allowing me to ramble on about myself aimlessly until I realized that I had a little bit of writer’s block. On this blog, I’m writing every random thought in my head, while on Red Kitchen Recipes I’m losing viewers with my lack of posting. It was time to get organized. I don’t have a real job, after all.

Day drinking on an empty stomach produces such clarity.

With that in mind, I decided that it was time to get my stats back up to what they used to be. I will never be on Food Network, but I sure like the emails from casting directors inviting me.

I was really glad I visited Thelonious Wines. I loved that they had half glass options so that you could try a variety of spectacular selections. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and the owners are super nice. Portland is a better city having this therapist, um, sommelier back.


The wine that I chose to leave with was the 2015

L’Abrunet de Frisach Blanc.

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