Hanoi Kitchen


I don’t mean to give all my secrets away, but…..I am hooked on this place. Please don’t go there, because this is where I like to go without wearing lipstick, without fixing my hair really. I’m lucky my husband is fine with me like that. I feel fortunate I found him before social media, before filters. Take this dish for example. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s full of complexity, and has captivated my interest.

It’s really a hole in the wall type place. I like to go there with something to read and enjoy some alone time. The food is not really pretty either, but the taste of the combination Bun Rieu has won me over. I’ve really never had anything like this dish before. The regions of Vietnam produce such different dishes, and this is my latest discovery obsession.


The menu describes these as fish roe balls. They are so good. I usually bite the top off, then finish the rest of it with some broth. They are pretty weird, right?  Yeah, right up my alley.


Then you have these escargot patties. Also something I have never experienced before. I want to keep this place my own secret, but I can’t help but proclaim my love for the food here.


The Bánh Cuón on the appetizer menu is another favorite. The lady laughs at me because I order too much food. Anyway, service is a little slow on the weekend when they’re busy. Otherwise, it’s not bad during the week. I can’t say much about anything else on the menu because I’m hooked on these two items. The only problem with this place is that it doesn’t serve beer, so my husband will probably never eat here with me. There are other great Vietnamese restaurants in Portland, but I haven’t found any serving these two specific dishes. And although it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, when it’s love, you just can’t stay away.

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