Feast 2017: The Greatest Love of All

Feast Pic 2

The greatest time of the year is here in Portland, Oregon!! Feast Portland is back with four days of glorious food, wine, cocktails, noteworthy chefs, and culinary creations to top last year!

Last year, the one event I attended was Friday’s Grand Tasting, because I waited entirely too long to buy tickets to any other event, and it was one of the few tickets not sold out! (You snooze, you lose)… The Grand Tasting event is one of the biggest at Feast Portland, and Feast Portland is one of the biggest events of the year for foodies and bloggers like me! I missed out on a lot of great events last year, but not this year, ya’ll.

So the truest love story about Feast Portland to a foodie like me is to get to attend the event with a media/blogger pass. And this year I’ve been granted just that!! September 14 – 17, Thursday through Sunday, I will be at soooooo many activities surrounding Feast Portland! And I could not be more thrilled about anything else in my life right now!

Feast pic

I will be at both Grand Tastings on Friday and Saturday, a couple of Drink Tank sessions, and the festive Night Market!! And if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll see live or behind the scenes footage with my foodie and blogger friends as well! (It’s like a big celebration of Portland food and we all get to party together.) On Friday, I have 6 events to attend. I’m up for it!

You never know who you’ll see at Feast Portland. Last year, I saw one of my favorite chefs Gregory Gourdet dishing out food with Ben of Jacobsen Salt Co.

Feast 2016

I also randomly ran into Chris Cosentino last year, who is also one of the nicest people ever! He’s back again this year, and what a nice celebrity chef! And speaking of…after watching John Tesar on Top Chef last season, I can’t wait to see him reunite with our own Top Chefs Gregory Gourdet, Doug Adams, and BJ Smith! I don’t care what D Magazine said about you, John! I ate at Knife over the holidays with a group of people, and Chef Tesar was nice enough to stop by for a table visit! His recently released cookbook is also phenomenal. My last Top Chef question: Why isn’t Sam Talbot coming in for this??

This year at Feast, I’d love to meet more celebrity chefs from around the country, including Christina Tosi. I love her smores cookies! And what’s it like being close to David Chang? Also, I would love to tell Michael Anthony how much I love Gramercy Tavern. I’ve eaten there 3 times, and the tasting menus were always exceptional! I also would have loved to have met Aaron Franklin of the famous Franklin Barbecue, but I heard that he wasn’t coming due to an accident at his restaurant down in Austin. Who could possibly fill those shoes? Tim Byres?

Who are your favorite chefs? Check here to stalk, I mean, see who else is scheduled to arrive in Portland for Feast 2017.

There are still tickets available to a few events, so check them out here: Feast Portland 2017. If you see me there, please say hello! And follow along for my recaps of events I attend!

I can’t wait to share an entire weekend of many more activities surrounding Feast Portland in 2017. Thanks to Feast Portland for including me this year!


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