On Monday, September 29th, 2014, I arrived in Portland, OR to make it my new home. It made sense to a lot of my friends back home in Little Rock, AR who knew me well. Portland is well known as a big foodie town, and I love to talk and write about great food.

We had visited Portland many years ago, and I said that I could live here. So the opportunity came up and we decided we wanted to make the move! My husband also went to high school in Eastern Oregon, so he has some roots here. It also made sense for us to be closer to Alaska, where he works on a management team in the oil industry.

What do I do? I have worked in media sales including radio, television, and print advertising. I also spent 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the greatest accomplishments in my life was being awarded number one rep in the country out of 375 other drug reps with a company called King Pharmaceuticals, now absorbed by Pfizer. I was eating really well that year! We have two wonderful, bright daughters who we plan our lives around. We are so happy to be here, Portland.

I spent my college years working in the restaurant industry where I became a trainer of 17 steps of service at one corporate owned location. Then in 2011 I started a food blog called Red Kitchen Recipes. Shortly after I started it, I began partnering with two of Little Rock’s top chefs to coordinate cooking classes. I learned a lot from Donnie Ferneau and Justin of The Southern Gourmasian about the ins and outs of owning your own restaurant and food truck. I could talk to them for hours about food. But then I could talk to anyone for hours about food!

It was exciting to become a member of the food community in Little Rock. One of the writers of Eat Arkansas started giving me shout outs, and I started gaining followers on Twitter. Then some other bloggers started organizing food events, and we were soon all meeting up on a regular basis. In 2014, I was fortunate enough to be given a table of 10 to fill with other bloggers to help promote the Diamond Chef Arkansas event. I was also invited to attend restaurant previews such as the reopening of Ashley’s which then became One Eleven at the Capital, tasting dishes from a phenomenal James Beard and Michelin star winning chef. Does it get any better in the food world?

Maybe so!

I’m here in Portland now, after all……

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